Part 1: Driver of Workplace Happiness – Positivity

As someone who is deeply interested in the dynamics of a workplace, I am constantly hungry for information that provides insights into what makes a workplace tick. I badly want to share with you everything about workplace happiness and so, this is my first post (of a series) on how to generate Happiness in your workplace. In this post, we talk about the driver of happiness – Positivity.

Though it is important to help your people achieve success so that they thrive and be happy in their work, we cannot overlook the fact that success may not necessary equate to happiness. We, humans, are rather fickle-minded in how we define success. Each time we hit the target of what we perceived as success, we tend to look for the next accomplishment in order to be successful again. If this is the case (which you may probably be nodding in agreement by now), how can we ever attain Happiness  if we are constantly redefining our perception of success? Also, does it mean your team member is happy just because he/she has been hitting milestones again and again?

Thankfully, there’s a safer bet you can place. That is to inject positivity in your organization which can be achieved with deliberate practice of writing down at three things that you are grateful for each day over a period of 21 days or more. The benefit of doing this is that your employees will learn and develop the habit of looking out for the good first ,instead of the bad.

With a positive mindset,

Your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy levels rise. In fact, we’ve found that every single business outcome improves.

As explain by Shawn Achor, when we are positive, dopamine (a neurotransmitter of signals in our body) makes us happier and changes our lens in how we view the world.

Imagine a work environment where you and your colleagues receive praises, practise acts of kindness and make an effort to thank others for the help – Doesn’t it sound like a happy and energetic place that one would hate to leave?

If your inner voice is an astounding “Yes!”, the video below will enlighten you even more. At least, it’s has inspired me to share this post.

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