Do you tend to more reserve and contribute less in big meetings? Are you afraid of being seen as a phony leader? Do you fear presentation in bigger settings? Do you feel that your team members are not taking you seriously?

If you answer Yes to most of the questions, it’s highly likely that you are an Introverted Leader and do not yet know how to draw on your natural characteristics to lead effectively. Right now, you are just thinking that you are not cut out to lead.

Introverted Leaders are a bunch of unpolished gems. You too, can be a great leader by drawing on your strengths as a quiet leader.

Join us and learn how to lead quietly and get the business results you want!

So, you are in a leadership position. Maybe an Executive in the corporate world or maybe you’re a Business Owner.

However, do you…


Feel Like An Imposter?

When given more responsibilities or when put to the test, do you start to doubt yourself? “Can I do it?”, “Do I sound stupid?” are probably frequent questions swimming through your mind each working day.


Feel Less Competent?

You contribute and converse freely in meetings with a small group. But when in a bigger setting, you start to feel uncomfortable and tries not to speak unnecessarily even though you have an ammunition of suggestions and comments. Because of that, you are seen as less competent.


Feel Less Important?

You and your suggestions carry less weight than your counterparts. Your voice is muffled by the louder ones. Or it could be that you are not taken seriously, to the extent where your instructions are being ignored.


Feel Drained?

Because loud and outgoing personalities are preferred, you make a conscious effort to portray those personalities. As a result of being Extrovert-Wannabe, you are burnt out at the end of the day.

Being a leader is already tough. Putting on a false front is even tougher. Over a long period of time, your state of health will decline due to the constant tax on emotions. Hence, it’s important to learn how to lead in your own comfortable way and be YOU. And that, I would say is one of the vital survival skills in today’s world!

I urge you to learn how to embrace introversion, lead well and improve your overall emotional well-being!

What are you waiting for?

I want to lead confidently by being Me!